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George Panagis



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Department of Psychology,

University of Crete,

Gallos Campus,

Rethymnon, Crete,

GR-74100, Greece





Established in 1984, this was the first University-level Department of Psychology in Greece.  Reflecting these pioneering origins, the Department offers a broad  study programme balancing theoretical, practical and experimental  education  in primary areas of the discipline, including: fundamental principles of psychology; methodology and statistics; developmental and school psychology; biopsychology and neurosciences; social and political psychology; and clinical and health psychology.  Practical experience is achieved through internships in any area of applied psychology in various institutions (e.g. counselling centres, health facilities, psychiatric institutions, schools). 


The educational, research and research training activities of the Department are supported by three laboratory units. Basic and applied research activities range from development and application of psychometric instruments used for neuropsychological evaluation; basic research into the molecular and biochemical processes implicated in complex behavioral phenomena; and experimental research in cognitive psychology.  




Undergraduate Guide

Bachelor (B.Sc), 4 year (8 semesters) study programme.


Masters (M.Sc) (2 year duration) and  Doctoral (Ph.D)


Postgraduate Studies Programme:

  • Health Psychology

Associated Laboratory Units 


HQAA External Evaluation Report of the Department of Psychology :
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